How To Get Your Home Warm and Cozy This Winter


Your choice of heat emitter will determine in which way your house gets warmed up this winter.

The winter is coming, and with it, the dramatic temperature drops nearly best combi boilerseverywhere. If you live in hot climate then you have nothing to worry about, but for many people, having a heating system on their houses is just as crucial as the need for running water. The technology these days offer a wide range of options, from radiators, to underfloor heating systems and combi-boilers. Many people prefer using underfloor heating or a combi boiler for some good reasons.


There are 2 types of underfloor heating, the Electric ones and the Hydronic ones. Which one is best for you? Depends on your needs. Electric heating is used primarily on homes where the water is prone to freeze. Hydronic heating is ideal where electricity may fail one day. Some of the advantages of underfloor heating vs. a conventional radiator are:

It turns your floor into a big radiator, whereas the conventional radiator warms up a room at a time.

With the underfloor heating the heat rises steadily when needed, and lowered when required. Instead, the radiator rises the temperature always, and if you need to cool it down, you must turn it off.

It works quite well if combined with a heat pump, the radiator won’t.

Many people also use the best combination boilers on the market. Many homes in the UK use a combi boiler, which works as a water heater and a central heating boiler. The advantages of a combined boiler (combi boiler) are that it includes hot water being delivered to each one of your water taps, for a warm shower, without the need of a pump. Other advantage of the Combi boiler is that it can save you good money, since there is less pipe work to do. It can also save you time, since the installation is quite simple.

Both options are great, but you have to determine which one works best for you. It depends on your needs, depends on how many people live in your house, and you have to also take into account the amount of money you are willing to spend. Installing an underfloor heating system is a little bit more expensive because it needs more pipe work than a combi-boiler, but an underfloor heating system may be useless if you live in an apartment building. Take these considerations into account and you’ll be warm and cozy for the rest of the winter.

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