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How Reliable are Structural Oak Beams

When it comes to building a home, oak is usually used for posts, beams, and the general foundation of the building. Structural oak beams are not only beautiful architectural pieces but are also very durable and will last for hundreds of years. To know more about the different oak species and how reliable they are, here is a list of oaks that are usually used for home building.

Green Oak Beams

Green oak beams are so extremely durable that it is usually the go-to species for constructing buildings that are guaranteed to last for lifetimes. Some of the United Kingdom’s most long-standing monuments are made from Greek oak beams, such as the Windsor castle, Palaces of Westminster, and the Canterbury Cathedral. Since structural beams do not dry out as much, it will still have a moisture content of around 35% even after 300 years. This means that the beams will always look as perfect as it did when it was first sawn.

Despite this, the treatment for the green oak lumber still has a significant effect on how the oak will behave when it is used as a beam for decades.

White Oak Beams

Growing across Texas and Quebec, and also available in Minnesota and the Eastern Seaboard, this species of oak is known to have a high resistance to decay. However, it is a high shrinkage rate, which makes it difficult to with. This species is not usually advised to be used as a timber frame construction as there are other better uses for this. If you can afford it, you can opt to use Green oak beams. You can also consider other wood species such as the yellow pine, cedar, and spruce, which are all great choices for construction.

Red Oak Beams

Red Oaks come from the group of oaks that are usually found in the northern and southern America. The group also includes specific oak species such as the scarlet oak, black oak, and the Shumard oak. It is an important oak with a high demand rate because of its significance in the production of lumber and veneer. Lumbers made from red oak are known to have incredible wood grain pattern and hard wood that is ideal for home building.

Oak has become a symbol of endurance and strength because of its qualities that are available for a long time. For stronger support on the roof and walls of your dream house, consider oaks as your structural beams.