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Choose Soleheat for Your Underfloor Heating

Soleheat is a store that deals in underfloor heating appliances, manifolds, profix and plumbing supplies and other related items online in the U.K. They have a number of specialists who are always available to help you with all your heating requirements. We will match any price you get.

The company was formed through the partnership of former plumber and an engineer. Their purpose was to be the most reliable providers of heating systems both wet and electric. The items are stocked in the warehouse and available for next day delivery. They make sure that your orders are on time and in good condition. If need be your delivery will be on a pallet.

When you purchase the equipment you can download a pdf with instructions on how to install your underfloor heating instructions. If after you receive the equipment you decide you want to return the policy of return then it is possible but you need only to ensure that you return the product 30 days from the date of purchase. The requirements for return are as follows:

Receipt of proof of purchase
And unused, product in the original packaging.
Please note the company charges a re-stocking fee. Also if the product is returned used or damaged, or more than 30 days after purchase you could get a partial refund. Once the returned item was received and checked, you will receive an email with your refund. Once approved they apply to your credit card. Please note sale items are neither returnable nor refundable. You can exchange items that are defective or damaged only. How you exchange the item is you send the email to the company advising of the return of the item and then return the item to the warehouse. A review of the company by a new customer was a four-star review.

There are two different types of underfloor heating: wet and electric. Seeing the need to be a company that was available they have next day delivery available for you the customer as long as the order is placed by 12 pm the day before. They also give you free delivery on any order over £200.

This company is based in the United Kingdom and is strictly online. However, their warehouses are listed on their website so you can see where it is in proximity to you. I do not believe they allow you to pick up the equipment but you can always call and find out.

As with most heating systems you the buyer should be aware of several things about your particular house. How many rooms you have and will be heated. What type of heating system do you want? Do you have to replace an older system with a new system? Also is it new construction or a rehab job? All of this matters when deciding what to purchase for your heating needs.

Not only do you look at the house itself, but know what your own personal heating needs and that of your family. Also, you might want to check out the possibility of the costs of upgrading your system should you choose to add additional rooms.

Another thing to check for your heating needs is the person who may be coming to install it in your house. Soleheat invites you to call and talk with their specialists about the house including what I described above to pick out the best heating system for you. They will discuss what you need, installation, time and costs so that you the consumer are aware. They will also discuss with you the return policy as well as an exchange policy.

The specialists would be happy to match as they say any price that another company can come up with for the same equipment and installation process. This is a good thing for you the buyer particularly if you live out in the boonies and can’t receive a lot of deliveries or it cost you an arm and a leg to deliver. Don’t be afraid to be specific and ask what you want. That is what the specialist is there for. To give you what you want in your heating system.

Most of U.K. is going through the same type of weather that you are going through. It is helping you decide what is best for your heating needs through the past winter with the snowfall, and previous flooding and cold weather that Soleheat telephone line is there for you.

Remember that you need to shop around before buying any product including your heating system. See what is available and price what is good for you in your price needs. Then come back to Soleheat and they guarantee you a matched price and a better deal.

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