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Entreprise du Bâtiment à Bordeaux – Ideas for an energy-efficient home

If you are planning to renovate your home, why not consider ways to increase energy efficiency and respect the environment? Deco Smart – Entreprise du Bâtiment à Bordeaux – will show you these 10 renovation ideas that you could use in your home.

  1. See if you can change the distribution of space within your home to group rooms with similar uses. Can you bring the wetlands closer? Can you move the living rooms on the south side of the house?
  2. Consider your options for improving insulation. Depending on the size of the renovations you are considering, your options may be limited. Plan for maximum effect with minimal disruption: the roof is a good place to start. Choose carefully the type of insulation for your local climate and your home.
  3. Remember to add new windows to let in more light and heat. Could you open the south side of the house to let in the morning sun or add a tall window or light hole to the south at the back of the house to bring light and heat into the dark rooms? Adding large windows on the south side of your home will increase natural light and heating.
  4. Consider adding a small room, such as a screened porch or laundry room, between the exterior doors and the exterior. This will create an air cell, preventing heat loss in the winter and heat gains in the summer.
  5. Consider whether adding doors between living areas and bedrooms would be an asset, so that these areas can be heated and cooled separately. Seal the bottom of a staircase to prevent heat from rising to higher floors when not in use.
  6. Check external doors, windows and openings for air leaks and fill holes using weather strips or bands.
  7. If caulking windows does not solve the problem, install energy-efficient frames. Think about installing double glazing if you live in a cold climate and use curtains to minimize heat loss.
  8. Examine where you can improve the efficiency of your heating. Can you add gas pipes to rooms that need them? If you live in a cold area, could you install a natural gas central heating system? It works best if you have enough space under the floor for a hot air heater and its ducts (the ducts under the floor are more efficient than the ceiling ducts); otherwise, an inverted cycle heating system may be more appropriate.
  9. Think about installing connected solar panels to generate solar electricity. You will reduce your electricity bills, possibly to zero, and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Make sure your home has a sturdy, south-facing roof that can support the panels.
  10. Modify your garden to use plants to improve the energy efficiency of your home. On the south side of the house, use a pergola to block the summer sun or plant low grasses and shrubs to reduce reflected heat and glare. Plant deciduous trees on the east and west sides to hide the sun in summer and let it in in the winter.

Renovating your home to increase energy efficiency is a great way to save on energy and heating bills, and you’re helping the environment too!